Our Approach

We aim to build high quality resident, road, bridge with skillful engineer, designer with affordable price for everyone. Our residents locate at convenience place to travel , shop and good for everyone living environment.

We accept installment plan for payment to make convenience way for you.

Our Story

SKK founded in 2011 as family construction, now we have grown more than 20 engineers and construct buildings in most area.

SKK Board of Directors

Dr. Kaung Htet, Managing Director of SKK Family Construction Co.,Ltd. He graduated from University of Medicine 1 and also brilliant in managing the resources and company member ability.

Dr. Thin Thin Mon, Director of SKK Family Construction Co., Ltd. She is a doctor and good at making decision.

U Soe Ko Ko, Director of SKK Family Construction Co., Ltd. He is former director of Rural Development Department, and also take the part of Chief Engineer of the company.